Full Size DPDT Push/Pull Potentiometer | Audio Taper


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These full-size CTS DPDT push/pull pots are great and considered by many to be the gold standard of current production DPDT potentiometers.

These come in a few variations so be mindful of your selection when checking out to ensure that you purchase what you intended to.

Short 3/8" Shaft come with the following options/combinations.

  • 250 kΩ or 500 kΩ
  • 1/4" Solid Shaft - or - 24-Split Shaft

Long 3/4" Shaft only come with 500 kΩ split shaft that would be typically used in a thicker top guitar like a Gibson Les Paul.

Feel free to check out a brief video description on these pots. 

Check out compatible knobs here - 

  • 24-Spline Split Shaft
  • 1/4" Solid Shaft