Standard / Straight / Tall Frame 3-Way Toggle Switch | Choose Finish and Switch Tips


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The Switchcraft Standard / Straight / Tall Frame 3-Way toggle switch has been used on Gibson Les Paul guitars from the very start.  They have stood the test of time and have an extremely solid/sturdy action.

Available in Nickel or Gold finish with optional Genuine Switchcraft Switch Tips

Requires a 0.5" Mounting Hole and 1.5" Cavity Depth. 

IMPORTANT: Most all applications of this switch require a Deep Collar (or Deep Thread) nut for mounting that is not included.  Click here if one is needed for your project.

While this is commonly used in Gibson Les Paul guitars it will not fit any of the flat top Gibson Les Pauls or Les Paul Studios.  It will fit some (not all, not most) carved top Epiphone Les Paul guitars.

Measure Twice; Order Once.