The Scoop...

Hey there!  My name is Huddy Skiba and I'm the owner of Lil' Huddy's Guitar Shop.  I have a (somewhat) harmless addiction of modifying my own guitars with the hopes of improving tone, playability, tuning stability, and appearance to giving each of my guitar it's own personality that coincided with and complimented my own.  Some needed very little to nothing, while others were rendered... well... unrecognizable.  Marry that with my necessity to have readily available parts for that new-to-me guitar waiting to be given a new life and Lil' Huddy's Guitar Shop is born!

I quickly found online that others shared my passion for guitar mods and began selling recently replaced parts online to help fund and facilitate my project at the time.  This snowballed from buying a guitar a month to a few each week.  (ENTER WIFE)  I obviously could not keep them all.  Some got worked on immediately.  Some played and sounded great as is - they got left alone - kept or sold.  Some were broken down and sold for parts with anything left over ready and waiting for me.  It was a good feeling.

Eventually my 9-5 job - which was more of an 8-9 Job (that's 13 hours AM to PM) - was becoming less and less fulfilling.  If there was ever a time to make a break for it - it was then.  So I quit my job, sold my car, bought a "beater", and starting living off my savings and building my business - something for me.  It was and still is very liberating and terrifying at the same time.

I now live each day for my customers that send me pictures of their Tele w/ their new Bigsby B5; the Strat that needed a have a reverse headstock; their Jazzmaster with gunshot wound to the body - YES IT REALLY HAPPENED.  I am a firm believer that trying new things - pickups, tuning machines, wiring schematics - will give each player a sense of pride and eventually help to build their own unique voice.  THAT, MY FRIENDS, is what it is all about.