An In-Depth Description... Les Paul '50s Style Pre-Wired Upgrade Kit

The ultimate pre-wired kit for the Les Paul purist.  Built one at a time with each component tested, calibrated, and carefully matched for optimum performance.  Multiple options available to easily build the perfect kit shape your ideal tone.


This kit is built with top quality CTS 550K Custom Audio Taper Potentiometers which require 3/8" Mounting Holes - most import guitars will need to have the holes enlarged.

These pots have an ultra smooth Custom 20% Audio Taper and are spec'd to 550 kΩ at the factory with a 9% +/- tolerance.  They are then carefully matched in a set within 2% tolerance for optimum balance between pickups - no more than a 10 kΩ spread between the highest and lowest value potentiometer.

Choose from one of two tolerance groupings - "Standard Spec" or "Hot Spec".  The "Standard Spec" ranges 500 - 564 kΩ, while the "Hot Spec" are 565+ kΩ.  Keep in mind that the sets are still matched within 2%.  The "Hot Spec" will have just a little bit shimmer to the top end than the "Standard Spec".

Short Shaft Pots - 3/8" long threaded bushing and are ideal for:

  • Pre-1977 Gibsons Les Pauls
  • Gibson Historic Reissues (R7, R8, R9, etc)
  • Gibson Les Paul Specials ( or any other flat top Gibson)
  • Import Les Pauls (Epiphone, Chibson, etc)

Long Shaft Pots - 3/4" long threaded bushing and are ideal for:

  • Post 1977 Gibson Les Pauls
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom, Standard, Traditional, Classic, Studio, Faded, Tribute


"Each Luxe Radio capacitor is hand wound on a 1932 Sprague Specialties Co. Winding Machine replica using exact vintage spec aluminum foil and paper film. They're hand soldered, hand cast in oven-proof thermoplastic, hot vacuum impregnated with pure castor oil and hand-painted.

These parts are fresh from the time machine and authentic inside AND out."

~ Luxe Radio

Choose from two values of capacitance - .015 µF and .022 µF.  The most common configurations are the traditional .022 µF caps for both the neck and the bridge position - or - a .015 µF for the neck position and a .022 µF to help achieve Clapton's "Woman Tone". 

The .022 µF will shave off more of the highs and into the mids than a .015 µF capacitor as the tone control is rolled down.  Mix & Match the values to best suite your playing style and how you use your controls.