Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside of the United States?

I do not ship outside of the US any longer.  Unfortunately, a bad run of lost packages and extremely delayed deliveries soured my experience with international shipping.

Do you make left handed wiring harnesses?

I do not stock reverse audio taper (left handed) potentiometers.  Full clockwise will always be full volume or brightest tone.  If that's okay with you, I'm happy to accommodate.

Will my hardware (knobs / switch tip / control plate) fit your harness?

That's tough to say for certain.  All of my wiring harnesses are made with "US Spec" components - imperial sizing and thread pitch.  The spec's of each harnesses components are either listed or linked in the description.  If you're still not sure please do not hesitate to ask.

Will your harness fit my guitar?

That's another tough one to say for certain.  Each of my wiring templates is CNC cut from a scan of the actual guitar.  If it's a specific guitar - a Squier Toronado for example - I have an exact template for that layout and it will fit just fine (aside from mounting holes likely needing to be enlarged).  

If it's for a custom build, kit, or off-brand guitar it's 50/50.  I'm happy to share measurements to confirm and, if needed, make a custom template to match your guitar.

How to I enlarge the mounting holes for the US Spec potentiometers?

If you have a power drill I'd recommend using a 25/64" bit *** IN REVERSE *** - this mitigates tear-out.  Some might argue that it's not great for the drill bit but... you're not doing it all day. 

If you do not have a power drill I'd recommend using a T-Handle Reamer or sometimes called a Tapered Reamer.  These are inexpensive and all but idiot proof and available on Amazon or Harbor Freight for just $3.49 if you have one local to you.

Have a different question?  Fire away!