Gibson S Series Pre-Wired Harness Diagram & Instructions

Installation Instructions

Whether you've already purchased this harness or still considering your options thanks so much for checking out my store.  The S Series Gibsons are great modding bases and are very easy to install due to the pickguard mounting.  Here are some easy steps and tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • It's always important to ensure proper mounting fitment and clearance prior to making any solder connections.
  • Lay out your pickup leads to allow for an easy connection path to both the toggle switch's input lugs and the volume pot casing to ground your pickups.
  • Measure twice and then measure a third time - leaving extra slack in your pickup leads is better than being too short.
  • Solder the "HOT" leads of your pickups to their respective lugs of the toggle switch.
  • Solder the "Ground" leads (or Braided Outer Shield) to the casing of the volume pot.
  • Solder the bridge/string ground wire to the back of the tone potentiometer.

Follow these simple tips and you won't have any issues... but if you do... just give me shout.  Thanks again!