PRS Custom 22 / 24 Blade Switch Wiring Diagram

This diagram is for basic 3-way blade switching - no fancy coil splitting or anything like that.

  • Neck Only
  • Neck and Bridge in Parallel
  • Bridge Only

The connections are very simple.  Consult with your pickup manufacturer* to determine your Hot Lead, Series Link, Signal Ground, and Chassis Ground of your pickups.

  • Twist Together / Solder / Tape Off your series link leads - Not Applicable in Vintage Style Braided Leads as the series link is internally connected and cannot be accessed.
  • Solder each Hot Lead to its respective solder lug on the blade switch.
  • Solder each pickup's Ground Leads to either of the potentiometer casings.  One on each, Both on either - It's all the same.  What ever is most convenient.  In humbuckers with Vintage Style Braided Leads, the Signal Ground and Chassis Ground are internally connected and the braided shield lead is your ground.  Make sure your braided outer shield is isolated so that it is not able to come in contact with any components carrying guitar signal - this means blade switch lugs, potentiometer lugs, etc.  For humbuckers with 4-conductor leads you'll need to solder both your signal (one of the colored wires) and chassis (the bare wire) grounds to either of the potentiometer casings.
  • Solder your string ground to either of the potentiometer casings; whichever is most convenient.  This is a wire that is connected to your bridge or tremolo claw depending on your guitar.

If you follow these instructions you should have no issues.  If you do have issues please do not hesitate to reach out.  I'm happy to help in any way that I can.