Vintage 60s / 70s Encore Viola Bass | Made In Japan


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Here's a super nice and clean Encore Viola Bass - presumably from the late 60s / early 70s - finished in a fantastic 3-Tone Sunburst.  The neck is straight and the truss rod adjusts fine.

In regards to blemishes, there are just a few light scratches and a couple of finish checks.

The original electronics are included but this bass has been re-wired to the original specs.  Master Volume, Master Tone, Two On/Off Pickup Switches, and a Tone Bypass / "BRITE" Switch.  The tone control operates in the opposite direction from what most anybody would be used to.  I've experienced this before in vintage Japanese guitars and I'm not sure if this was a common error on the original build or just how it was perceived the tone control should operate.  I'd be happy to switch it to traditional functionality upon request.

The Neck Pickup does not Function.  It probably needs to be re-wound as there is no resistance where the coil is soldered to the bobbin.

Comes complete with the original chip board case that is in fair condition.