335 '50s Style Wiring Kit | Bourns PDB241 Low-Friction 500 kΩ Pots, Orange Drop 225P Caps

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A Complete Upgrade Kit perfect for your 335/Dot Style Semi-Hollowbody or Hollowbody guitar.  Please be aware - installing these types of kits is not difficult, but does take time and patience.  If you do not feel confident in being able to be patient during installation, please do not purchase. 

  • Bourns PDB241 Low-Friction Audio Taper Potentiometers
  • Orange Drop 225P Polyester Capacitor
  • Switchcraft Short Frame 3-Way Toggle Switch
  • Genuine Switchcraft Switch Tip
  • Switchcraft #11 Long Thread Mono Output Jack
  • Gavitt 22 AWG Braided Pushback Wire

This kit is ideal for US made PRS Guitars w/ a Volume, Tone and 3-Way Toggle Switch.

Important - .022 µF Capacitor and Cream/Ivory Switch Tip ships as default

Available options upon request as alternatives:

  • Capacitor - .015 µF or 47 µF
  • Switch Tip - Black, Amber, or White