3P-CML-50LP-NC | Buhr Electronics 50s Les Paul Wiring Mojotone CTS Vintage Taper Pots, No Capacitors

Buhr Electronics

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Here's a perfect upgrade your compatible Les Paul or LP style guitar.

  • Mojotone / CTS 500 kΩ Vintage 30% Taper Long Shaft Potentiometers
  • Grounded w/ 20 AWG Tinned Copper Bus Wire w/ PTFE Insulation
  • Prepped for '50s Style Wiring
  • Add Your Own Capacitors

*Important - This kit is designed for the player looking to install their own capacitors whether they are your favorite Green Chicklets or some vintage Sprague Bumblebees out of your Grandpa's radio.

* These potentiometers require 3/8" mounting holes and are perfect for Gibson Les Pauls produced after 1976 excluding flat top models and Historic Reissues.