(3P-LS-B1S-50LP-716P-LT) 50s Les Paul Pre-Wired Harness | LOW-SPEC Bourns Audio PDB241 Short Split Shaft, Tall Toggle

Buhr Electronics

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A fantastic kit to value upgrade your Les Paul.  These kits are comprised of top quality components including Bourns Audio PDB241 Low Friction 3/8" Short Split Shaft Potentiometers, Orange Drop 716P Polypropylene Capacitors, Switchcraft Standard Frame (Tall) Toggle w/ Deep Collar Nut, and Switchcraft #11 Jack. 

This kit is is ideal for Gibson Les Paul guitars made prior to 1976 and Gibson Historic Reissues (i.e. R7, R8, R9).  

Orange Drop 716P 400V Polypropylene Capacitor Value Options for Bridge AND/OR Neck:

  • .022μF, .033μF, or .047μF

These "LOW-SPEC" kits use 1% Matched Potentiometers ranging from 440k to 490K Ohms and the two higher value of pots will be used for the volume controls.

Example Set #1:

  • Neck Vol - 452K, 
  • Bridge Vol - 452K
  • Neck Tone - 451K
  • Bridge Tone - 451K

Example Set #2:

  • Neck Vol - 468K, 
  • Bridge Vol - 468K
  • Neck Tone - 467K
  • Bridge Tone - 466K

NOTE:  Short shaft pots are typically reserved for GIbson Les Paul model guitars manufactured prior to 1977 and most import Les Paul style guitars (Epiphone).  These Bourns Audio Potentiometers have a Traditional 10% Audio Taper and 18-Spline Coarse Knurl Split Shaft Posts requiring 3/8" Mounting Holes.