(3P-STD-C2S-50M2-716P) Gibson S Series Upgraded Wiring Harness | CTS 550K Custom Audio Pots, Switchcraft Toggle & Jack

Buhr Electronics

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Here is an absolutely fantastic quick and easy upgrade to your compatible Gibson S Series guitar.  The S Series were an inexpensive model meant to be modded and upgraded.  All components used are top shelf and made to last.  The CTS potentiometers have a custom 20% audio taper for an audibly smooth functionality.

This kit is a direct drop-in upgrade for:

  • Gibson M² / M2 / M^2
  • Gibson SG Fusion
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom Special 

Here's what's included in the pre-wired kit:

This kit is carefully and professionally wired for quick installation with just a few easy solder connections.  All components are grounded by vintage style braided shield pushback wire. 

Web-Based diagram and instructions are available upon request.