(3P-ULS-B1L-50LP-NC-NT) Les Paul '50s Style Bourns Ultra Low-Spec PDB241 Long Shaft Pre-Wired Upgraded Harness Kit | No Caps

Buhr Electronics

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Here's a brand new, hand matched and hand soldered, pre-wired upgraded wiring harness kit for your Les Paul or LP style guitar.  Each potentiometer set is carefully calibrated to have an evenly balanced load between bridge and neck pickups.  Each potentiometer is grounded by 20 AWG buss wire that is insulated with PTFE Teflon tubing to eliminate the possibility of unintentional grounding of components.  All appropriate potentiometer solder lugs have been grounded for facilitate '50s Style Wiring.

This set does not include capacitors - it is designed for the DIY'r that either has their own capacitors they would like to use - or - plans on stealing some out of Grandpa's radio.

Here's what this set includes:

  • 4 x 500 kΩ 3/4" Long Shaft Ultra Low-Spec PDB241 Low-Friction Potentiometer Set matched within a +/- 2% Tolerance ranging from 400 to 440 kΩ.

Instructions are available upon request along with web based technical support if necessary.