5-Way Single Wafer 2-Pole Super Switch

Oak Grigsby

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This Oak® switch by Electroswitch® lets you wire guitars in imaginative ways not possible with a standard 5-way switch. It's a special 2-pole switch with six lugs per pole (one common and one each for the five lever positions. 

The added terminals allow a level of flexibility and control that is not possible with traditional lever switches. 

Terminal assignment: There are a total of 12 solder terminals (lugs) on this switch. The switch is divided into two separate circuits, or poles, and each pole has six lugs. Lug 0 is the common which is connected to other lugs depending on the lever's position. The five other terminals on each pole correspond to the five positions of the switch. Lug #1 = position 1, Lug #2 = position 2, etc. 

Many lever switches use the commons as outputs for the switch, but with this switch this is not necessarily going to be the case. The commons of this switch can be used to connect pickups together in ways not possible with other switches. This is an important concept to understand when designing custom wiring for this switch.