(3P-LS-B1S-50LP-716P-NT) 50s Les Paul Pre-Wired Harness | LOW-SPEC Bourns Audio PDB241 Short Split Shaft, 716P Orange Drop Caps

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A fantastic kit to value upgrade your Les Paul.  These kits are comprised of top quality components including Bourns Audio PDB241 Low Friction 3/8" Split Shaft Potentiometers and Orange Drop 716P Capacitors.

Orange Drop 716P 400V Polypropylene Capacitor Value Options for Bridge AND/OR Neck:

  • .022μF, .033μF, or .047μF

These "LOW-SPEC" kits use 1% Matched Potentiometers ranging from 440k to 490K Ohms and the two higher value of pots will be used for the volume controls.

Example Set #1:

  • Neck Vol - 452K, 
  • Bridge Vol - 452K
  • Neck Tone - 451K
  • Bridge Tone - 451K

Example Set #2:

  • Neck Vol - 468K, 
  • Bridge Vol - 468K
  • Neck Tone - 467K
  • Bridge Tone - 466K

NOTE:  Short shaft pots are typically reserved for GIbson Les Paul model guitars manufactured prior to 1977 and most import Les Paul style guitars (Epiphone).  These Bourns Audio Potentiometers have a Traditional 10% Audio Taper and 18-Spline Coarse Knurl Split Shaft Posts.