(3P-STD-C2L-50LP-716P-NT) 50s Les Paul Wiring Harness | CTS 500K Long Shaft Pots, Orange Drop .022µF Capacitors

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Here is a great way to upgrade your Les Paul or Les Paul style guitar with high quality components in one easy drop-in harness.  

This kit includes:

  • 4 x CTS 550 Custom Audio Taper Long Shaft Potentiometers
  • 2 x Orange Drop 716P 400V .022µF Capacitors - Need Different Caps or Values?  No Problem Just Let Me Know.  ;-)
  • Grounding wire for all potentiometers

These pots are spec'd to 550 kΩ by CTS and have a super smooth modified 20% Taper.  They are then matched to 1% +/- of each other.  I am very particular about having a proper balance between pickups.  

Simply drop this harness in to your guitar and connect the pickup leads, selector switch leads, and appropriate grounds.

Note:  CTS Potentiometers Require 24-Spline Fine Knurl Knobs.  Long shaft potentiometers work with '77 & later Gibson LPs.  Many import brands may require the mounting holes to be enlarged to accept the 3/8" potentiometer bushings.