335-Style Upgrade Wiring Kit | Bourns PDB241 Low-Friction Pots, Orange Drop 225P Polyester Caps

Buhr Electronics

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A Complete Upgrade Kit perfect for your 335/Dot Style Semi-Hollowbody or Hollowbody guitar.  

This kit is comprised of:

  • Bourns PDB241 Low-Friction Audio Taper Potentiometers
  • Orange Drop 225P Polyester Capacitors
  • Switchcraft Short Frame 3-Way Toggle Switch
  • Genuine Switchcraft Switch Tip
  • Switchcraft #11 Long Thread Mono Output Jack
  • Gavitt 22 AWG Braided Pushback Wire

Please be aware - installing these types of kits through an F-hole is not difficult, but does take time and patience.  If you do not feel confident in being able to be patient during installation, please do not purchase.