Bourns PDB241 Low-Friction 500 kΩ Audio Taper Potentiometer | Matched Set of 4

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Matched Set of 4 x Bourns PDB241 Low-Friction Audio Taper Long Shaft Potentiometers.  

Choose your tolerance grouping.  Each set is matched within 1% +/-.  This means that there is no more than a 10  kΩ spread between the highest and lowest value within each set.  

The higher the measured resistance the brighter the overall tone.

  • Hot Spec | 565+ kΩ
  • Standard Spec | 500 - 564 kΩ
  • Low Spec | 440 - 490 kΩ
  • Ultra-Low Spec | 400 - 439 kΩ

There is no better way to shape your tone than to know exactly what you're putting into your guitar.  No grab bags of random values and crossing your fingers on what you'll get.