Stratocaster Wiring Kit | 250 kΩ CTS 450G Potentiometers, Russian K40Y-9 .047 µF Capacitor

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Here is a quick and easy kit to install in your Stratocaster whether as an upgrade, replacing faulty components, or to finish off a scratch/kit/parts build.  Control Spacing is based on Fender specs.

Top quality components used throughout:

  • CTS 450G 250 kΩ Audio Taper Pots | 24-Spline Split Shaft
  • Oak-Grigsby or CRL 5-Way Blade Switch
  • NOS Russian K40Y-9 .047 µF Oil-Filled Tone Capacitor
  • Optional Ceramic Disc .001 µF / 150 kΩ Metal Film Resistor Treble Bleed
  • Optional Pre-Wired Switchcraft - or - PureTone Output Jack

Wiring configuration base on Traditional Stratocaster Specs with a Master Volume and Neck and Middle Tone Controls.  These are made to order there is some flexibility on which tone control is functional for which pickups/positions.  Feel free to message prior to ordering with any requests to verify availability.

Standard Positions as follows:

  1. Neck w/ Neck Tone Control
  2. Neck & Middle w/ Neck or Middle Tone Control
  3. Middle w/ Middle Tone Control
  4. Middle & Bridge w/ Middle Tone Control
  5. Bridge w/ NO Tone Control

Please see diagram and pictures for connection points.