Les Paul Wiring Kit | Modern + Treble Bleed, CTS 450G, Orange Drop 225P Caps

Buhr Electronics

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Here's the final prototype version of my Les Paul Wiring Kit featuring Modern Wiring w/ Treble Bleeds. 

Take note that this method of mounting the treble bleed circuits in definitely unconventional in initial appearance, but still identical in functionality - It allows to easily connect both pickups and toggle leads without having any additional loose components to attach. 

I prefer to keep any connections that I make off the tops of the pots so that the installer has a clean surface to work with at first initial hookup as well as for any pickup swaps down the road.  

This kit includes the follow components:

  • 4 x CTS 450G Audio Taper Short Shaft Potentiometers - Each Meters 385-390 kΩ
  • 2 x Orange Drop 225P Series Polyester Film Tone Caps
  • 2 x Orange Drop 225P Series Polyester Film / Metal Film 150 kΩ Resistor Treble bleed Circuits
  • Gavitt Vintage Braided Shield Wire

Each pot is grounded to one another by either the Gavitt Braided Wire between each respective volume and tone control or 20 AWG Buss Wire between the two tone controls.

This kit is perfect for most any Import or Epiphone Les Paul guitar that can accept short shaft pots - mounting holes may need to be enlarged to 3/8".