Collection: 3-Pickup SG w/ Luxe Radio Bumblebees

Here are a few different versions compatible with Gibson and Epiphone SG guitars with a 3-Pickup Configuration.  These each use the standard Mallory 150 Polyester Film Capacitors.  Each of these kits is also available in Mallory 150, CDE Orange Drop 716P, Sozo Yellow Mustard, and MOD Oil-Filled.

Currently three 3-Pickup verisions are available (Vintage Style, Frampton Style, and 3-Volume / 1-Tone) with three different models of potentiometers (CTS / WD Music Custom Taper, CTS 450G, and Bourns PDB241).

Each harness is made to order with extreme care and concern.  If you'd like to customize your harness beyond what is available utilizing the drop down menus within the listing, please reach out to confirm availability.

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