2006 Epiphone Korina Explorer | Ebony w/ Gold Hardware, Coil Splitting, Phase Reverse


Regular price $429.00

Here's a fantastic playing and sounding 2006 Epiphone Korina Explorer that has been heavily yet tastefully modded into the ultimate sleeper.  The original "waxbucker" pickups have been replaced with StewMac's Golden Age Humbuckers.  The controls are Bourns PDB183-GTR push/pull 500 kΩ (matched to 530 kΩ).  The volumes split their respective pickups coils - opposite coils are cut to maintain hum-cancelling in single coil mode.  The tone pot flips the phase of the bridge pickup.

The neck is straight and the truss rod functions as it should.  The fretboard has been cleaned and conditioned.  The frets show very little wear.  Overall this guitar is in great shape.  The neck and headstock are exceptionally clean as is the top with only minor ding.  The back has its share of minor chips and light scratches that have all been pictured as clearly as possible.  There is also an area on the bottom corner that has some larger chips that could easily be touched up to color match if desired.

Overall great feeling and surprisingly well balanced.  It'd be tough to ask for a more versatile unique guitar.