PRS 85/15 "S" Pickup Set Specs from 2021 PRS SE Custom 22 Hollowbody

These pickups are supposed to be wound to the same specification as the 85/15 found in "Core" model PRS guitars.  The difference is that they are wound overseas instead of in the U.S.

Bridge pickup meters at 8.5 kΩ and has a label that reads:

"TP4145-1 PRS 8515-TNU-B-ZEBRA VER 03.2020"

Neck pickup meters at 7.75 kΩ and has a label that reads:
"PTP4144-1 PRS 8515-BNU-N-ZEBRA VER 03.2020"

The bridge pickup example that I have label is slightly faded on the left-hand side so it very well may be "PTP4145-1" and the initial "P" is smudged/smeared off.  Also each pickup has a "CW" indicator on each label. From a pickup winder's perspective it is easy to assume this "CW" stands for "Clockwise."  It's entirely possible this indicator is something complete arbitrary, a winding machine's code or a QC manager's initials.

String Spacing for the Screws/Slugs on each pickup is 50mm.

Each coil within each pickup are matched within a reasonable tolerance.

The remaining bridge pickup specs are as follows:  Slug Coil - South Polarity | White to Black; Screw Coil - North Polarity | Red to Green

The remaining neck pickup specs are as follows:  Slug Coil - North Polarity | Black to White; Screw Coil - South Polarity | Green to Red

It's important to note that the polarity of the neck pickup is opposite of the bridge (and vice versa).  These pickups were designed to not just have the inner/slug coils remaining active on the coil split but for the those two coils to be hum-cancelling as well.  To achieve hum-cancellation in single coil pickups you need to have two things; Reverse Winding and Reversed Polarity.  You may have seen a Strat pickup set advertised with a RWRP middle pickup.  That RWRP stands for "Reverse Wound, Reverse Polarity" and denotes that the pickup set will have hum-cancelling in positions "2" and "4." 

These 85/15 "S" pickups are physically wound the same way with the same color code for Start/Finish and one of the pickup's magnet is flipped in relation to its match - this achieves the "Reverse Polarity."  Because one of the magnets is flipped these pickups would sound "Out of Phase" if the same connection color codes were used for each pickup - the pickup coil is not "Reverse Wound".  We can't unwind the coils and re-wind them the opposite way.  The next best option when you don't have reverse winding - Reverse CONNECTING.  

This set's connection color codes are as follows:

Bridge | Hot - White; Series Link - Black/Red; Ground - Green/Bare

Neck | Hot - Black; Series Link - White/Green; Ground - Red/Bare

Again, this allows for the Slug/Inner Coils to remain active after the coil split and still be hum-cancelling in the factory original configuration.

I have plans to modify this the guitar that these pickups came out of.  Click here to see that diagram, parts list, and option to purchase pre-wired kit.