2014 Fender Modern Player P90 Pickup Set | RWRP, Long Leads, 8.2 kΩ Bridge & 7.97 kΩ Neck


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Here's a nice and clean set of Fender P90 single coil pickups from 2014 Modern Player Thinline Telecaster.  

The pole piece screws do have some rust/corrosion but would look great on a guitar showing a bit of wear and/or has more of a vintage vibe.

  • Bridge - White Lead, 12" Shielded Single Conductor, 8.2 kΩ of DCR
  • Neck - Red Lead, 15" Shielded Single Conductor, 8.2 kΩ of DCR

Comes complete with mounting screws and foam mounting pads that still have have a good bit of compression left.

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