1997 USA Made Fender Pro Junior 1 x 10 Tube Combo | Weber Signature 10" Speaker


Regular price $349.00

Here's a nice and clean 1997 USA Made Fender Pro Junior with an upgraded 10" Mojotone American Vintage AV10C (Weber Ceramic Signature 10).  The filter caps have been recently replaced as part of regular maintenance with high quality F&T electrolytics.  

This amp sounds great - especially cranked.  These amps are notorious for being noise, however this one is pretty darn quiet with a Tube Store 7025 in position 1 and an Electro Harmonix 12AU7 for the phase inverter.  The output tubes are a matched set of JJ EL84s.

The cabinet is in great shape overall with minimal wear on the tolex.  There are a couple of areas in the grill cloth with some loose frays - nothing considered to be a rip or tear.  The chrome faceplate show some minor pitting and tarnish.  Overall, great condition for a 23 year old amplifier.