1967 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve | Serviced, Original Tubes, Original Jenson C12Qs


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Nice and Clean '67 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve with all original tubes. This amp had not been played since the the fall of 1969 - Original Owner received as a gift for 16th birthday and wasn't played after leaving for college. The electrolytic capacitors have been replaced (can cap is original), updated 3-prong cord w/ "death cap" removed, and the original open circuit input jacks have been replaced with fender-style Hi - Lo shorting inputs (Switchcraft) for each channel for quiet operation.

The tethered speaker cable has been removed and replaced with traditional 1/4" Switchcraft input/output jacks.

Includes the original footswitch. Both the tremolo and reverb function as they should - the tremolo sounds fantastic, if you're familiar with these reverb units then you're aware that the reverb effect does not sound fantastic but it does work as it's supposed to.

Original Jenson C12Qs date from 50th and 52nd week of '66. Tubes date from early '67.  All original components are included with the exception of the original power and speaker cables.