Fender Pre-Wired Control Plate | Oak Grigsby 3-Way, 250 kΩ Pots, .05µF Ceramic Disc Capacitor


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Here's a nice and clean Fender Telecaster Loaded Control Plate.  Comes complete with an Oak Grigsby 3-Way, CTS Dishback Potentiometers and a .05µF Ceramic Disc Capacitor.  Also included is a Jack Cup and Output Jack.  

Simply make your pickup connections and ground your bridge (if not grounded through your bridge pickup's base plate i.e. doesn't have a baseplate).

The control plate is in good shape overall.  Nice shine, no pitting, etc - but the area around the pot shafts are slightly convex.  Maybe the guitar took a fall?  I don't know - Probably wouldn't be as noticeable with the knobs on it.  Just cleaning out the drawer 'o' stuff.