2002 Fender Standard Series Fretless Jazz Bass Loaded Control Plate & Pickups


Regular price $79.00

Here's a super nice and clean set of Fender Standard Series (MIM) Jazz Bass Pickups complete with a fully refurbished control plate.  

Each pickup meters at 5.28 kΩ on the nose, has 7.5" + of lead, and comes complete with mounting screws.  The mounting foam underneath is firm but not rock hard, still has plenty of "give" to be able to adjust to your suit your needs.

The control plate shows some light wear but is loaded with three fresh CTS 450G Solid Shaft Potentiometers, an Orange Drop 225P .047 µF Polyester Capacitor, and a Switchcraft #11 Output Jack.  Three control plate mounting screws are also included (but not pictured).  The knobs are also new showing zero wear.