Seymour Duncan S-MAH5 5-String Mandolin Humbucker Set | MJ Wound? w/ Long Leads

Seymour Duncan

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Here's a nice and clean set of very gently used Seymour Duncan 5-String Mandolin Humbuckers.  Each pickup has approximately 14" Leads and comes complete with springs and screws.  The screws and springs are for traditional humbuckers and almost certainly would need to be shortened.  Each pickup has its own simple designation of "NJ" for the neck and "BJ" for the bridge and typically the "J" is the identifier for the pickup's winder - Marciela Juarez.

  • Neck - 7.41 kΩ DCR
  • Bridge - 11.2 kΩ DCR

Outer Pole Piece Spacing from Center to Center is 1-11/16"