2009 Epiphone G-400 SG | Gloss Cherry Finish, TKL Hard Case, Very Clean


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Here's a nice and clean 2009 Epiphone G-400 SG finish in a clean Gloss Cherry finish complete with a very nice and solid TKL hard case.  


Overall condition is very nice with very minimal wear.  There is one large gouge on the bass side of the 4th fret that has been clearly pictured.  Does not affect playability and is barely noticeable from a playing perspective.

This guitar plays great.  The frets have been cleaned and polished.  The neck is straight, truss rod adjusts properly, and intonation is spot on.  

All the electronics are original and operate as they should without any static or scratching.

Have one of my Pre-Wired SG Kits installed free of charge when purchased together.