2007 Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Seymour Duncan Designed Loaded PIckguard

Seymour Duncan

Regular price $119.00

Here's a super nice and clean Squier Vintage Modified loaded pickguard (3-Ply Parchment) and control plate.  

  • Bridge - TE103B-STK - 9.9 kΩ (Stacked)
  • Middle - SC102-STK - 6.3 kΩ (Stacked)
  • Neck - MH101-CR - 8.5 kΩ

The pots sweep cleanly without any static or scratching - the original import style blade switch has been replaced with an Oak Grigsby 5-way Blade switch for longevity and ease of installation.  Comes complete with original mounting screws for the pickguard, control plate, and all pickups.