Super Clean Electra MPC X330 LP Style Guitar w/ Built-In Effects | "Super Sunburst" Cherry Burst


Regular price $649.00

Here's an extremely fresh and clean 1976-ish Electra MPC X330 LP-style guitar complete with rotary 5-way pickup selector switch adding 2 extra pickup options (series in-phase, series out-of-phase), master volume, master tone, and two MPC controls and their associated toggles. 

Comes with 2 MPC modules - the MPC05 Power Overdrive which adds a subtle 30% volume boost, and an inoperable MPC01 Phaser which does not function.  The Phaser module does not have any visible damage and more than likely has an internal connection that has failed - probably an easy fix but the sealed epoxy top would need to be broken to service the unit.

The neck couldn't be more straight and plays like an absolute dream.  Weighs in at 8 lbs 4 oz and comes with what is believed to be the original case - if not original, certainly period correct.  The hard case is missing one latch but is solid and serves its purpose.