1960s Magnatone Starlite 411 Student Amplifier | Tremolo, 3-Prong Power, Warehouse G8C


Regular price $399.00

Here's a nice and great sounding 1960s Magnatone 411 Starlite "student" amplifier.  The non-polarized power supply has been replaced with a safe and modern 3-prong grounded power cord.  The controls have some very minor static depending on their position; may only be an issue for recording quieter solo guitar playing - the knobs are 24-Spline and will work with any CTS split shaft pot.  The original speaker has been replaced with a Warehouse Speakers American Vintage G8C that sounds great!

This amp is super quiet without any idle hum.

Comes with 4 tubes total -

  • 2 x ECL86 (amp uses one and one additional/replacement)
  • 1 x 6AT6 Lower Gain (5751)
  • 1 x 6AV6 Higher Gain (12AX7)

Overall great condition with any damage or blemishes have been clearly pictured.  Foot switch is permanently tethered and functions properly.