USA Made 1990s Crate Vintage Club 20 VC2110 | 1x10 All Tube Combo, 2 x EL84s, Tube Driven Spring Reverb


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Here's a nice and clean USA Made Crate Vintage Club 20 VC2110.  Sounds great, plenty loud.  All the pots sweep cleanly with the exception of the first "gain" pot that has some static from "0" to "1.5".  The grill cloth has been replaced with Fender Oxblood style and looks great.  The tolex is in good shape overall but has some minor discoloration.  The metal corners and handle caps all have minor tarnish/pitting.  One side of the handle does not retract.  None of these blemishes detract from the overall look and certainly not the sound.  These are great sounding amps as-is or a fantastic modding platform.