1982 Ibanez Iceman II | Regal Blue, Fresh Re-Wire & Setup, Plays & Sounds Fantastic


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Here is a super hard to find 1982 (build in '81 per serial) Ibanez Iceman II finished in Regal Blue.  This guitar has had a full setup with fret leveling and crowning.  The potentiometers, capacitor and jack have been replaced with top quality components - CTS 550K Pots, MOD Oil-Filled .022 µF Cap, and a Switchcraft #11 Jack.  The pickups and toggle switch are original.  The neck is straight and the truss rod functions properly.

As good as this guitar plays and sounds it has been well loved for the last 40 years.  There are many chips, scratches, and dings around the body.  The rosewood fretboard has significant playing wear as well showing indentations in the fret board.  This usually happens when fingernails dig into the fret board.  Unfortunate this does not show in pictures but it is present - though hardly noticeable when the guitar is strung and being played.  

Intonation is set with D'addario 10-46.  Unfortunately no case is able to be included.