1970s Gibson T-Top Humbucker Pickup | Double Black Bobbins, Previous Repair, 6.83 kΩ, 15" Vintage Lead


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Here is a super nice and clean Gibson T-Top Humbucker - probably from the early to mid 70s.  The slug coil winding was broken.  I backed up maybe 25-30 turns and spotted a section that showed DC Resistance to the other end of the coil and used that as the new "Start/Finish" of the slug coil.  

  • Screw Coil - 3.87 kΩ
  • Slug Coil - 3.00 kΩ

This pickup now has 6.83 kΩ of DCR and a 15" Vintage Style Braided Shield Lead.  This has not been tested in a guitar for tonal qualities as of yet but if for any reason it's not to your liking (even if it's been installed) I'll be happy to issue a full refund upon return.