1976 Ibanez 2352 Custom Pre-Lawsuit Telecaster | Fantastic Player


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Here's a fantastic playing and very clean (for being 42 years of age) 1976 Ibanez  Ibanez 2352 Custom finished in Black w/ a Black Pickguard. 

Please read the following as a thorough and accurate description and not the bashing it reads as.  This guitar is a fantastic player

The neck's Wide Range humbucker has been exchanged for a traditional telecaster single coil of unknown origin.  All other electronics appear to be original.  The bridge plate may or may not be original.  If it is original it has been modified with two cutouts at the B & G strings to facilitate the next modification.  On the face of the body near the rear strap button there are 4 screw holes where I believe a Bigsby Palm Pedal was installed.  

The neck feels fantastic and playability is great.  A few of the tuners are suspect and I would recommend replacing in the near future.  The truss functions properly which was very surprising.  It felt a little tight on my last 1/4 turn so I'm not sure how much room is left but the neck has just a bit of relief. NOTE:  The truss rod adjustment is located at the heel under the pickguard which is not as easy but looks a lot better than a big white piece of plastic on the headstock.  Uses a 5mm Allen Key.

The frets do show some wear but all feel great and intonation is as spot on as a 3-barrel Telecaster can be.

There are a ton of blemishes that can be seen in the pictures and many more that can't.  Please understand that this 42 year old guitar has been used and played and it shows - nothing excessive but certainly not a case queen.

All electronics function properly (the slightest bit of scratch from a pot or two) and the jack has been replaced with a Switchcraft.

Comes with the original case and a few free stickers.