1988 Fender MIJ Standard Stratocaster | Vintage White, Seymour Duncan SSL-1 Set, Gotoh VSVG Tremolo


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Here's an extremely nice and clean 1988-89 Fender Standard Stratocaster finished in a beautiful Vintage White w/ Single Ply White pickguard.  The Alder body is matched to a Maple neck w/ Rosewood Fretboard.  The pickups have been upgraded to Seymour Duncan's California 50's SSL-1 Calibrated Set and all electronic components have been replaced with top grade parts - CRL Switch, Matched CTS 250K Potentiometers, Orange Drop Capacitor, .001µF/150K ohm Volume Kit, and a Switchcraft Jack.  The tremolo has been upgraded to Gotoh Wilkinson VSVG model to match the original 56mm 6-Screw pattern. The string spacing from E-to-e is 54mm (10.8 x 5).  The original bridge is included but is heavily corroded on the bass side.

This guitar plays and sounds absolutely fantastic!  The neck is straight, the action is low, comfortable, and radius'd to match the 7.25" fretboard.  The intonation is spot on.  Frets 1-4 will need some minor attention in the future as they show typical "Cowboy Chord" wear.  Tuning is very stable, even after a dive bomb.  It sounds LIKE A STRAT SHOULD! 

The pickguard and tremolo cover are original and show some minor wear but that's a small price to pay to ensure mounting holes match.  There are a few dings and chips around the edges of the body and the headstock - for a nearly 30 year old guitar, this really in great shape.

Comes complete with Fender Deluxe Padded Gig Bag, all tools for the tremolo and original boxes for the tremolo and pickups are included.