1990 Flying V V90 Double (Modified) | Floyd Rose w/ Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB


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GuitarHere's an absolutely fantastic playing and sounding 1990 Gibson USA Flying V V90 Double that has been modified to a single humbucker with a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB.  The electronics have replaced with CTS / WD Music Custom Taper 550 kΩ pots and .022 µF Mallory 150 Capacitor.

This guitar does have a previous headstock repair that has been clearly pictured.  I've owned this guitar for nearly two years and it holds tune exceptionally well.  I have full confidence in the neck repair which happened long before my ownership despite being less than aesthetically pleasing.  The Floyd Rose Tremolo floats perfectly parallel with the body and returns to resting position after a dive.

The neck itself is straight and the truss rod functions properly.  The frets and fretboard are in fantastic shape and show very little wear.  The action is low and comfortable and the intonation has been set.  The treble side tremolo post had been drilled out, plugged, and re-tapped with what appears to be an unfinished oak plug - this also is an extremely solid repair and has never caused any issues.

The single coil rout has been enlarged to accommodate a P90 and an additional pickguard with a P90 rout for the neck is also included with a toggle and single volume control mounting spaces.

The tremolo arm is chrome and likely not original to the guitar.  Comes with a very clean Hamer USA branded TKL hardcase that is seemingly identical in shape and construction to the Gibson USA branded version that I compared it to a few months ago.

This guitar is definitely a road warrior with some battle scars.  Any and all wear has been pictured as clearly as possible.  I'm not sure if this is a yellow'd Alpine White or a lightened Atomic Yellow but it definitely is a shade of yellow with plenty of finish checking.

Bottom line - if you want a unique guitar that's a blast to play tone galore then look no further.