1994 Fender Squier Series Stratocaster | Antiquities II 60s Surf Strat, Gotoh SD91 Tuners, Fender PW29 Bridge, Fender Hard Case


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This is a 1994 Fender Squier Series Stratocaster which were essentially on par with the MIM Standard Stratocasters in terms of construction of body and neck but everything else, from the tuners to the bridge and electronics, were pretty much garbage.  This particular guitar has gone through a significant transformation including a complete re-wire, new bridge, nut, and tuning machines.

  • Seymour Duncan Antiquities II 60s Surf Strat Pickup Set
    • Custom High Output Bridge
    • RWRP Middle for "Hum-Cancelling" in positions 2 & 4
  • Gotoh SD91 Vintage Style Split Post Tuning Machines
  • Original Fender Vintage Style Standard Strat PW29 Big Block Tremolo Bridge
  • GraphTech TUSQ XL Nut
  • Set of 3 Matched 252K CTS 450G, Split Shaft, Audio Taper Pots
  • CRL 5-Way Blade Switch
  • CDE Orange Drop 716P 400V .033µF Capacitor

This thing plays and sounds great (acoustically) with a fantastic overall vibe to it.  The action is low and comfortable and the intonation is spot on.  The Gotoh split post tuners add to its simple and vintage vibe and have awesome tuning stability.  The neck has been wet sanded with 800 grit sand paper to give it a fast and nicely worn in feel.

The pickups sound great, clear and articulate - you can hear each note of a chord.  The AlNiCo 5 Antiquities have plenty of bite and crunch. The knobs and trem cover are from a Fender Aged White Set. The Antiquity covers do not exactly match the knobs but the Aged White Fender covers and tremolo arm tip are included if you'd like to match them up during your next string change.  No tremolo arm is included.

There are a few very minor blemishes on this 23 year old guitar, but the most notable are a small cluster of dings on the arm contour and a long light scratch on the back (both are pictured below).  Extra holes have been drilled to facilitate a larger footprint tremolo cover at some point.  None of these blemishes affect the playability and certainly do detract from the overall classic look of this guitar.

This truly is a fantastic playing instrument that's ready to be played and enjoyed.  Comes complete with a Fender Hardshell Case.