1996 Fender MIJ Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang | Sonic Blue, CTS Pots, Switchcraft Switches & Jack, Orange Drop Cap


Regular price $649.00

Here's a 1996 Fender MIJ Kurt Cobain Jag-Stang finished in a beautifully aged (mild yellowing) Sonic Blue.  It has its fair share of dents, dings, and light scratches on the back.  The top and edges are less worn.  The pickguard has some mild warping that causes it it bow up in the middle between the pickups.  The neck is straight, feels great, and the truss rod functions properly.  The electronics have just been replaced with CTS 250K Solid Shaft Pots, Genuine Fender '65 RI Mustang Knobs (set screw), Switchcraft Slide Switches and Jack, and an Orange Drop Capacitor.

Playability is pretty great as is, however I feel that somebody very knowledgeable and experienced in Mustang guitars could make this play magically.

Comes with economy Fender Gigbag.