1998 Fender Tele-Sonic | 2-Tone Sunburst, DeArmond 2K Dynasonic Pickups, 24.75" Scale


Regular price $1,699.00

Weighs in at 9 lbs 4 oz

Here's a very nice and clean USA Made Fender Tele-Sonic with its original Sunburst finish.  Overall an extremely nice guitar that plays and sounds great.  Great condition overall with light minor playing wear - however there is a fair amount of finish cracking at the skunk stripe that has been clearly shown in several of the pictures.  It can be felt if you run your fingers over it.

The neck is otherwise fantastic.  It is straight with a perfectly functioning truss rod.  The frets feel fantastic.  The action is low and comfortable and the intonation is set with the help of the adjustable wrap-around bridge.

All electronics function properly without any static or scratching and the pickups sound great.  Comes complete with a TKL hardcase that's in great shape as well.