2000 Les Paul Limited Edition Red Sparkle | Unsung Plant, TonePros TPK33 Tuners, SKB Hard Case


Regular price $479.00

Here's a super nice and hard to find 2000 Epiphone Les Paul finished in a limited addition Red Sparkle.  No dents, dings, chips, scratches or buckle rash to speak of except for on spot on the binding of the inside of the cutaway that is clearly pictured.  

The stock tuning machines have been replaced with TonePros Kluson Deluxe TPK33 tuning machines that are truly fantastic.  The neck is straight, the truss rod adjusts properly, and the action is low and comfortable without any fret buzz.  Really a great playing guitar.

All in all this guitar is in fantastic shape, let alone being 17 years old, and comes complete with a SKB Hardshell Case.