2002 Fender Standard Series Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard | Faded 3-Ply Parchment


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Here's a nice and clean 2002 Fender Standard Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard complete with the factory stock single coil pickups, 5-Way Switch, Master Volume, and dual tone controls.  

All pickups and controls function properly as they should.  

  1. Bridge
  2. Bridge & Middle (Parallel & Hum Cancelling)
  3. Middle
  4. MIddle & Neck (Parallel & Hum Cancelling)
  5. Neck

Each pickup reads 6.75 kΩ

The volume control knob looks to have been replaced at some point as it's not has faded as the two tones.  The neck pickup cover has faded to more of a mint than the cream color of the bridge and middle pickups.