2002 Fender Standard Stratocaster Neck | Maple w/ 21-Fret Rosewood Board


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Here's a super nice and virtually wear free 2002 Fender Standard Stratocaster maple neck with 21-Fret Rosewood Board.  The frets from pre-2006 MIM Standard Stratocasters are smaller than the currently used Medium-Jumbo frets.  They really feel fantastic and help many heavy handed players maintain proper intonation by not fretting a note sharp.  

This neck has the standard Modern "C" feel and has only the slightest bit of fret-wear on the first few frets.  

Tuning Machine holes are for Modern 10mm Tuners with the threaded hex-nut bushings.  Vintage style tuners would require a conversion bushing.  

Many Schaller and Kluson and other Fender tuning machines with the dual location pins will drop right in - no drilling necessary.