2005 Epiphone G-400 '66 Reissue SG Cherry Finish | Setup w/ Hardcase


Regular price $299.00

Here's a super nice and clean 2005 Epiphone G-400 '66 Reissue SG in fantastic original condition. 

The neck is straight and the truss rod functions properly low and comfortable action.  The frets have been polished, are level and free of sharp ends; the fretboard has been cleaned and conditioned.  No notable blemishes outside of light playing wear on a 16 year old guitar.  All the electronics function as they should without any static or scratching.  Pickups are the original AlNiCo Classic humbuckers.  

Comes with what looks like an older SKB hard case but there is no badging.  Very solid and clean overall - does show light wear on the outside.

Overall a fantastic value for any player.