2007 Epiphone Dot Studio Worn Brown | Golden Age PIckups, Coils Splitting, Phase Reverse, Original Hard Case


Regular price $329.00

Here's a super nice and clean 2007 Epiphone Dot Studio finish in a satin Worn Brown - complete with the original hard case. The original pickups have been upgraded w/ Stew-Mac's Golden Age humbuckers and Push/Push pots for coil splitting and phase reverse. 

The frets have been polished, intonation adjusted, and the nut slots have been filed for perfect and comfortable action.  The only notable wear is on the saddles which have some very minor corrosion on the top edges and two areas (just under the strings where a pickguard would be and where your forearm would rest) that have a slight sheen over the matte finish from normal playing.  It stays in tune, the neck is straight, and everything does what it's supposed to.

A great player and great sounding guitar at a reasonable price.