2011 Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul | P-90 Swap, Custom Pickguard, Satin White, Well Worn


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Here's a 2011 Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul finished in Satin White that has been put through the ringer without apology.  It does play fantastic and sounds equally fantastic.  This guitar has a great overall look and shows it battle scars.  The original humbucker pickup was replaced by the previous owner with a a dog ear P-90 and hacked up the top half of the original pickguard to do so.  I have replaced the original pickguard with a one-off duplication made specifically for this using my personal favorite pickguard materal - Bakelite.  Perfect fit and it looks great.  

Great for a raw and gritty sound but not terribly versatile due to the single pickup and lack of tone control.  Sounds absolutely fantastic through a small tube amplifier.

Comes with an economy gigbag.