2015 Limited Edition Flying V Custom Block Inlays | Super Clean EMG Hot 70s Set


Regular price $649.00

Here's a super nice and clean Limited Edition 2015 Epiphone Flying V Custom with a beautiful Ebony finish.  

The pickups and electronics have been replaced with an EMG Hot 70s Set with full quick connect system.  Everything functions properly and sounds great.

The neck is straight and the truss rod functions properly.  The frets are in fantastic shape and show virtually zero wear.  The fretboard has also been cleaned and conditioned.  

No notable blemishes - really nearly pristine for a black guitar - but there are a few quirks.  This is a Factory 2nd model.  It has the "USED" stamp impressed at the tip of the headstock above the serial number.  The last two digits of the serial number have been removed.  These "Factory 2nd" normally have a new serial number sticker over the original but this one has been removed - many of them are.  A previous owner experimented with the rear strap button placement and placed black screws as placeholders instead of having open screw holes - looks nice and makes it less noticeable.  Finally one of the screws on the rear cavity has the head broken off.  The cover is completely secure but to use a screw in that hole, the screw would need to be removed/retrieved which may not be worth the effort and/or detriment to do so.

Overall the action is super low and very comfortable and the guitar sounds/plays fantastic.  Comes complete with a very nice and clean padded gigbag.