5-Position Super Switch | 2-Pole Single Wafer, 4-Pole Double Wafer


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These are three variations of what are commonly referred to in the Guitar Electronics Community as "Super Switches"  They are 2- and 4-Pole 5-Position blade switches that can allow for more complex pickup combinations.

The Double Wafer Switches are essentially just two of the single wafer switches staked together.  The double wafer switches come in two variations - Inner Terminals - or - Outer Terminals. 

The outer terminal version is objectively easier to work with because of its open layout.  However it WILL NOT fit in a standard telecaster control cavity.  It can be great for Stratocaster type guitars where the control cavity is a bit more spacious - at least one one side.

The inner terminal version requires just at 1/2" clearance on the wafter side.  Most Telecaster control cavity openings are 1-1/8" wide leaving just 9/16" on either side from center - 1/16" room for error.  This is very tight and it is absolutely recommended that you test fit the switch prior to wiring it up.